KALIFANO Blue Apatite Palm Stone with Healing & Calming Effects – AAA Grade High Energy Apatito Azul Worry Stone – Reiki Crystal Used for Intuition (Family Owned and Operated)


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KALIFANO Blue Apatite Palm Stone with Healing & Calming Effects - AAA Grade High Energy Apatito Azul Worry Stone - Reiki Crystal Used for Intuition

Learn more about crystals

Crystals are minerals formed underground from three-dimensional repeating patterns of atoms. A crystal's appearance relies on the natural qualities of its type and the conditions in which it grows. Some take on weird shapes, some are really small and others grow very large, growing over countless years.

How to Program and cleaning crystals

There are different ways of cleansing crystals. One of the most common is to submerge them in seawater for a couple of days, then run them under the tap to wipe the salt. Other techniques include burying crystals in the garden for a couple of days, leaving them for a little while in stream or leaving them outdoors over night in regular water to soak up the light of the moon.

What gives specific stones their characteristics?

Different stones have different energetic qualities. For instance, a Tigers Eye can help those looking for clarity, while Lapis Lazuli is said to broaden our awareness and help us attune to our instinct.

The shape of a crystal might also affect its qualities. Some people will also consider the number of elements and, using numerology, which associates meanings to various numbers, acquire more significance.

Below is a list of the some typically available shapes:

Portions are crystals without notable aspects. They can be helpful for enhancing a spaces atmosphere, for holding during meditation or merely keeping on your person.

Tumbled stones
Tumblestones are little stones, rocks or crystals that have been toppled over each other many times with increasingly finer abrasive up until the sides end up being smooth and glossy. Lots of people like to have a crystal tumblestone around in their pocket to keep the power of the stone.

How do I choose a crystal?

It isn’t mandatory to understand the specific qualities of every stone in order to buy one, although this may help. It is more crucial to be responsive and enable yourself to be drawn to a stone that will have attraction for you. If you happen to be in a store simply stand in front of a group of crystals, close your eyes and relax, and when you open them select the one you feel most attracted to.

Picking a Crystal
When selecting a crystal from an web site it is not possible to touch the crystal, so you must take your intuition one stage even more. Browse through the pictures of the different crystals and note which section most interest you. Invest some time browsing through that section. You might find yourself thrilled by the picture of a specific crystal, with a powerful urge to touch and feel it and a sense of frustration that you can not. If you feel that you very much desire that crystal to be a part of your life, it is most likely that on some level it has something to offer you. For instance, you may feel drawn to a rose quartz crystal because you require something in your life that can assist you develop a love of yourself.

Healing with crystals

Various crystals have different energies and properties, and between them can affect psychological, physical, spiritual and psychological elements of yourself.

Simply holding the right crystal at the right time can produce a change in our mindset and wellness. You do not need to look up the significance each time you do this. With time you might acquire a number of crystals - simply take hold of the one you feel drawn to.

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